We love food, so much so that we have a shop full of it, but without doubt our own homemade food is what we love the most. Everyday we proudly create an ever changing selection of healthy and nutritious salads, soups, sandwiches and other savoury items. We use only the freshest ingredients that are delivered on a daily basis and where possible always to use small, local and independent suppliers.

Of course our menus are designed to taste delicious and full of flavour but we also understand customers are increasingly conscious of what they are eating from a health perspective. Therefore we always aim to ensure our dishes are nutritious are packed full of healthy ingredients that promote your well being.


Simply strawberries


Of course everyone likes a treat and as such we
also offer an extensive selection of indulgent cakes and other patisserie. However in doing so we also ensure we provide a range sweets and treats that suit today’s diet, be they free from gluten, dairy free or refined sugars.

Check out our new Brunch Menu here.


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